Every once in a while you have a conversation with someone new who makes a significant impact on your life. Deborah Ravetz is a member of that small group of individuals who has the capacity to blend artistic and creative sensibility with a genuine systemic awareness. She has that rare skill that many consultants would love to have – a capacity to help you identify the creative aspects of life that really do need attention, and encourage and support you to your own conclusions. Deborah is able to draw on a myriad of contemporary interests and know-how – from the artistic and spiritual to a range of socio-political perspectives in a genuinely unique integration.
Les McCinn, Director of Wellbeing and Staff Development, University of Surrey

With Deborah’s work and encouragement I found a path ahead for myself that truly excited me; her course helped me to make sense of my life as a whole, to see the connecting threads and impulses running through it. Consequently, I enrolled at university for a three-year course in English Literature and Creative Writing. More importantly, I spent three years discovering, recovering a voice and a vocation; it was a nurturing and healing process for me. I am so grateful to Deborah, without whose empathy and perceptive skills it would have been nigh impossible. – Rosemary Merriman


Deborah has a huge talent for helping you identify your own deep story. She does this by bringing together intuition and literary and artistic knowledge. I felt fully heard and seen in a way that is very rare. I went home with a new and healthier relationship towards my own creativity, something that has not diminished in the ensuing weeks. – Dr. Amanda Ravetz, Research Fellow, Manchester Metropolitan University


Deborah helped me to give my inner voices permission to speak up and say out loud the kind of life I want for me – not to censor what that voice is saying in order to please other people. After her vocational training I felt more able to stand my own ground and take control of my life’s direction – to trust that my inner knowing and hopes can take me to a safe, creative and wonderful place” – Anon.

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