Behind the Grey

Exhibition at the Kaleidescope Gallery, Sevenoaks 30th August – 16th September 2023 2023-06-28-KALEIDESCOPE-SVAF-EXHIBITION-POSTER-instaDownload

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Journeys to the self

I have always been fascinated to learn what can lead powerful people to do great harm. The reason I am so affected by such revelations is that we can often find that we face the same challenges as they do, on the smaller stage of our lives. Then, the distance between those we might think […]

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Empathy and service – a new kind of activism

The blind French resistance fighter, Jacques Lusseyran, described arriving in Buchenwald and being stripped of every visible marker of status and identity. He observed that only those who had an inner sense of self independent of status  were able to survive the camp.  This theme is very pertinent now. President Donald Trump has been described […]

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Art and Enlightened Individualism

Kierkegaard said that our relationship to anxiety determines the failure or fruitfulness of our life. When I was growing up, my mother appeared to be allergic to me. I became the scapegoat of the family. As soon as I was old enough, I left home and found my own people. I studied literature and philosophy […]

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But the Soul, it is a Country (2)

Is it possible to discover resources and attitudes that can help to enter the world of soul which is the land of self-making? What can we place before us as the aim of this journey that encourages us to overcome our fear of its demands?

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Due to a long-term health problem which is now gradually responding to treatment, Deborah has not been able to do many Social Sculpture events over the last three years. We will publish an update as soon as we have something planned.

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